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About Silver Ounce Britannia

Britannia is the trademark of the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom. It was started to be produced in 1987. The engravings on the coin are of a feminine personification of the United Kingdom known as Britannia. Britannia is depicted in various forms on various bars and coins. On the one-ounce coin, she is depicted to be holding a shield and a trident. The coin has a lot of security features built into it, a background that creates a sense of waves in motion, a tincture line on the union jack, and many more.

From 1997 to 2012 the design was changed every year but from 2012 the design has remained the same but the background for Britannia changes each year. Britannia silver is a good gateway to getting started in precious metal investing, or even as a collector. There is a special version of the Britannia coin that features from 2013 forward where the lunar year symbol is engraved in the coin.

The Royal Mint has been in production for more than 1000 years, the mint is owned by his majesty, and in 2023 the mint engraved King Charles on the coin. It is also known as a sovereign Coin. On September 2022 Queen Elizabeth passed away and King Charles ascended to the throne. 

At Instant Gold Refining we carry Britannia coins uncirculated and circulated. We carry coins and bars from reputable mints like RCM, Asahi, Philharmonic ETC. We have been in the Vancouver gold and silver market for nearly 15 years. Give us a call with any questions you have and our team will help you out. 


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