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What is refining?

Refining involves the burning away of impurities to ascertain the percentage of metals that are present in your Gold and Silver scrap. Through our efficient and thorough refining process, you will be sure that your metals are being recovered correctly

Refining Process


Our refining process begins with us weighing and melting the metals you bring to us. Our highly-trained team will then take your metals and, with the help of our state-of-the-art machinery, melt it into liquid form. Through our extensive experience in melting, we understand how to burn away impurities and recover precious metals in the most efficient way possible. The precious metals are then poured into bar form, The melting process allows us to get an even distribution of metals across the entire bar to ensure testing is as accurate as possible.


An assay determines the measure and composition of the precious metals, including the purity standards and content. Your precious metals’ content must be accurately assayed to calculate their worth. We employ XRF technology at Instant Gold Refining to obtain precise results for your precious metals. We can get precise readings using this technology in less than 90 seconds. Once we ascertain the purity of your metals, the worth of your metals can be determined, and a payout can be made.

Secure Shipping

Furthermore, we can arrange secure shipping for your precious metals from your business to our head office. We offer secured and insured delivery every time. Please get in touch with a member of our team toa assist in shipping your precious metals to us stress free! Our team will then process your metals safely and securely.

If you’re seeking for services related to gold refining, Instant Gold Refining is here to help. We offer competitive rates and quick turnarounds assuring you get your money’s worth.

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