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How much is your scrap jewellery worth

Gold and silver have historically been used extensively for jewellery, in addition to being sold in pure forms such as Bullion. Both gold and silver have qualities that make them excellent materials for jewellery. Gold’s resistance to tarnishing and silver’s lustrous shine makes them excellent materials for jewellery. However, pure forms of both Gold and Silver are far too delicate and soft to be used to create sturdy, high-quality jewellery. In order to ensure strength, producers develop alloys by combining different metals. Below are examples of the different alloys found among Gold and Silver jewellery products.

  • Gold Purities: 
    • 10K: 41.7% Gold
    • 14K: 58.3% Gold
    • 18K: 75% Gold
    • 22K: 91.6% Gold
    • 24K: 99.9% Gold
  • Silver similarly has ratings for purities also:
    • .800 Silver: At least 80% Silver & no more than 20% copper or other metals.
    • .925 Sterling Silver: At least 92.5% Silver & no more than 7.6% copper or other metals.
    • .950 Sterling Silver: At least 95% Silver & no more than 5% copper or other metals.
    • Fine Silver: 99.9%

Getting Paid for your jewellery

Instant Gold Refining is proud to be one of western Canada’s largest scrap jewellery buyers. If you have Gold, Silver, or Platinum jewellery, we can offer you quick turnarounds and competitive rates for your precious metals. Contact us and one of our team members will gladly assist you on how to bring your metals in. Once your metals have been melted and the impurities have been burned away, our team will carefully analyse the concentration of the different precious metals in your scrap jewellery with our state of the art XRF assay technology. You can either swap your refined metals for Pure Bullion products, or be paid instantly via cheque or wire transfer. 

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