Scrap Jewellery

Scrap Gold & Silver Jewellery

How Much is Your Scrap Jewellery Worth?

Not only is Gold and Silver sold in pure forms such as Bullion, historically it has been widely used for jewellery. Gold and silver both have features that are quite desirable for jewellery. Gold jewellery is unlikely to tarnish and silver jewellery’s luster makes them great materials for jewellery. However, both Gold and Silver are much too soft in their pure forms to make strong and good quality jewellery. Therefore, manufacturers create an alloy by mixing in other metals to ensure strength. The purity of gold in jewellery is measured by the karats, with 24K being the highest.

Gold Purities: 

10K: 41.7% Gold

14K: 58.3% Gold

18K: 75% Gold

22K: 91.6%

Silver similarly has ratings for purities also:

.800 Silver: At least 80% Silver & no more than 20% copper or other metals.

.925 Sterling Silver: At least 92.5% Silver & no more than 7.6% copper or other metals.

.950 Sterling Silver: At least 95% Silver & no more than 5% copper or other metals.

Fine Silver: 99.9%

Although there are other metals mixed in with Silver and Gold, the jewellery still has value. Higher concentrations of precious metals will inevitably be valued higher. 

 Getting Paid for your Scrap Jewellery

We are Western Canada’s largest buyers of Scrap Jewellery. Whether it be Gold, Silver, or Platinum, we’ll offer to buy it for its value in precious metals. Bring your scrap jewellery in and we’ll melt it down and remove as much of the impurities as possible. Once it has been melted into a bar, we conduct assay tests through in-house technology to determine its precious metals’ contents. After a settlement has been reached, we’ll pay you instantly through bank wire transfer or cheque. Moreover, you can also choose to trade your scrap for its value in bullion products. Please contact our team regarding any questions about scrap jewellery services. Reach us through email, live chat, social media, or call us: +1 604-498-5001