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Vancouver Metals Refining and Wholesale Silver & Gold Bullion

Our business is built on providing quality services to professionals in various Precious Metals Refining and Gold and Silver bullion products. With over 15 Years of Experience, our team is focused on delivering high quality services at affordable rates with a Simple 4-step Refining Process.

Our clients range from Pawnshops, Jewellers, Old Gold Buyers, Miners, Dentists, etc. We aspire to provide quality Gold & Silver bullion products and customer service to our clients in Vancouver and across Canada. We offer live metal prices for the trading purposes of our corporate clients.

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We specialize in buying and selling Gold, Silver, & Platinum Bullion at competitive and wholesale rates. If you are looking to buy wholesale bullion, Instant Gold Refining is the best place to buy bullion in Vancouver. Whether you require Bullion bars and coins for collecting, trading, or for investment purposes, Instant Gold Refining can meet your needs.


Instant Gold Refining has been a premier bullion wholesaler in Metro Vancouver, proudly serving Canadians for 15 years.                                    

Scrap Jewellery

We can buy your old Scrap Jewellery! Whether it be Gold or Silver, we’ll pay you accordingly through either bank wire transfer or in Bullion Products.

Mined Gold

We offer to buy Mined Placer Gold from Canadian Miners at exceptional rates.

Dental Scrap

If you are a Dentist or Oral Hygienist looking to recycle your scrap dental crowns/metals, we can offer to pay you fairly and instantly in order for you to be able to reinvest into your business efficiently.

Silver Coins & Houseware

If you have a large collection of Coins & Houseware that carries Silver, we’re willing to take it off your hands. The silver contents in Houseware & Coins is often overlooked but could prove to be highly valuable.

Analysis Assay

Doing Analysis Assays allows for one to determine the presence of Precious Metals and any other impurities. We offer Assays which are conducted through our in-house state of the art XRF technology.

Bullion Products

We specialize in buying and selling Gold, Silver, & Platinum Bullion at competitive and wholesale rates. 

Our Affiliate Brands

These are just a number of reputable bullion brands that we offer. Please contact us for availability.

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