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Why We Test Gold

Silver and gold are elements that have a lot of appealing qualities.  In its purest form, Gold is known to be very malleable and a great conductor of electricity. Moreover, Gold’s non-tarnishing qualities make it a quite desirable metal. Silver also has a large number of industrial uses, and it’s beautiful colour and shine makes it amazing for jewellery. Similar to Gold, it is much too malleable in its purest form. In most cases, precious metals such as Silver and Gold are not alone when used in making jewellery, coins, and houseware. To make an alloy stronger, additional metals, such as copper, are added. Additionally, gold is not pure when it is originally extracted from the ground since other substances will naturally mix with it.  At Instant Gold Refining, we are able to determine the purity of your precious metals with the use of our in-house XRF technology. Testing Gold is the most commonly done by this method.

Test Your Gold

Once you bring your metals in, we first conduct an evaluation of the products to determine the best course of action. Your metals will be taken by a member of our staff who will melt them to get rid of as many impurities as possible. After the bar has been poured and cleaned, we analyse it using an assay. Our XRF technology will provide us with precise percentages of the metals which are in the bar. Based on these tests and numbers, we are able to determine how much the bar is worth. A team-member will then reach a settlement with you and you can choose how you would like to be paid.In addition to checks and wire transfers, we also provide bullion product swaps as payout options.