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Know Your Silver

In the past, silver was known to be used as money on its own and was found in coinage all over the world. In 1965, after passing the Coinage Act, the United States ceased producing silver coins. Shortly after, Canada did the same, removing the precious metal from all coins. Before this, all dimes, quarters, and half dollars included some silver, some of them as much as 90%. 

Moreover, Silver has long been a very desirable metal due to its amazing qualities. Silver’s traits of conductivity make it great for industrial uses and its lustrous colour makes it even more desirable for manufacturing jewellery and houseware. Throughout history, owning sets of silver cutlery, plates, cups and more was regarded to be a sign of one’s status. This gorgeous metal was used by businesses like Tiffany & Co., Birks, and many others to produce lovely and desirable home goods.

  • Silver Purities:
    • .800 Silver: At least 80% Silver & no more than 20% copper or other metals.
    • .925 Sterling Silver: At least 92.5% Silver & no more than 7.6% copper or other metals.
    • .950 Sterling Silver: At least 95% Silver & no more than 5% copper or other metals.
    • Fine Silver: 99.9%

Melting and Refining Your Silver

If you have a large quantity of silver coins or silver houseware, contact Instant Gold Refining today to get paid. First, our specialists will assess your precious metals to decide the best course of action. Once your metals have been prepared our team will begin the melting and refining process. We want to get rid of as many contaminants as we can while minimizing melt loss through this process. Our crew will do an assay analysis test after pouring and cleaning your bar. We will be able to calculate the precise metal composition of the bar using the results of this test.

Once the test has been concluded, and a settlement has been reached you can choose your method of payment. You have the option of receiving payment via bank wire transfer, check, or by exchanging for bullion products.

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