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Extracting the Metal

Gold is a natural element that is found across the globe however, it needs to be mined and refined to become pure. Gold deposits are recovered in varying forms of mining such as hard-rock mining and placer mining. Hard-rock mining involves the extraction of gold that is encased in rock, rather than loose sediment. Most of the gold produced globally is produced through this type of mining. In placer mining, gold is recovered from loose silt, such as that found in stream beds. Prospectors find placer gold extraction to be far more lucrative and to have reduced operational costs. Instant Gold Refining has grown to become one of Canada’s largest buyers/refiners of placer gold and gold nuggets. If you are looking to sell your Gold Nuggets or Gold Placer, contact Instant Gold Refining today.

Refining the Metal

Other contaminants that have naturally mingled with the gold during mining will be eliminated during refining. We at Instant Gold Refining offer to melt your gold and pay you for its worth. You have the option of shipping your metals to us or bringing them into our office. From the comfort of our waiting room, you can watch as we melt your gold to remove its impurities. After a settlement has been made and your mined gold has been melted, we’ll immediately send you a check or wire transfer. You may also decide to get payment in bullion goods. We offer some of the most competitive rates with some of the fastest settlement times in the country.