Mined Gold

Placer Gold

Extracting the Metal

Gold is a natural element that is found across the globe however, it needs to be mined and refined to become pure. In 2019, Canada was ranked 5th in gold mine production in the entire world. Producing approximately 175 tonnes of mined gold, Canada represents 5.3% of the world’s output. Moreover, Ontario and Quebec alone have contributed to over 75% of Canada’s output in 2019. Gold deposits are recovered in varying forms of mining such as hard-rock mining and placer mining. Hard-rock mining involves the extraction of gold that is encased in rock, rather than loose sediment. This sort of mining is responsible for a majority of gold production worldwide. Placer mining involves extracting gold from loose sediment like those that can be found in stream beds. Extracting placer gold holds lower operating costs and is much more attractive to prospectors. Once this gold has been extracted from the earth, we can further extract the gold by separating it from its impurities. Placer mining is the backbone of really precious metals & instant gold bullion is always there to fulfil all the refining requirements.

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Refining the Metal

Refining the mined gold will remove other impurities that have naturally been mixed in with the Gold. At Instant Gold Refining, we offer to melt your gold and pay you for its value. You can choose to ship your metals or bring them into our office. From the comfort of our waiting room, you can watch as we melt your gold to remove its impurities. Once your mined gold is melted, and a settlement has been reached, we’ll pay you instantly via cheque or wire transfer. You can also choose to be paid in bullion products. We offer some of the most competitive rates with some of the fastest settlement times in the country.

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