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Buying Gold and Silver in Vancouver

Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver have long been regarded as stable and resilient assets. Historically, they had been used as actual money, however today they have become known as hedges against inflation. Bullion products are made purely of a specific precious metal coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. Across the world, most investments into precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and platinum is in reference to these bullion products. These bars and coins are normally stamped and certified, however in manufacturing these products costs are also incurred. These costs are translated into premiums which are added on top of the spot price of the metal. Bullion with more intricate designs and features will naturally cost more to produce therefore, have higher premiums. Certain products carry lower production costs therefore they hold lower premiums. One of the best ways to save in premiums is to purchase bullion at wholesale rates, getting yourself a better ROI. Sell Silver Bullion Or Sell Gold Bullion at Instant Gold Refining and get best value for your bullion. Get Today Silver Bullion Price from our metal price table! We are reputed Bullion Coin Dealers in Vancouver. Gold silver bullion in Canada is a profitable investment & better benefits. Check prices for gold &  prices on silver from our live spot price chart. Check for Prices of gold and silver & make your decision to buy/sell bullion.

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Invest with the Best Rates

Instant Gold Refining has been a premier bullion dealer in Metro Vancouver, proudly serving Canadians for 15 years. Currently based in Surrey we have catered to businesses across the lower mainland cities of Vancouver, Abbotsford, Richmond, and Burnaby. Get Canadian silver coin at very low above spot price. Moreover, we offer our wholesale bullion services to businesses across Canada, guaranteeing the best rates. Buying wholesale will save you money on premiums allowing for you to make a greater ROI. Instant Gold Refining takes pride in offering nothing but some of the best wholesale rates on the market. A few examples of the products we offer are TD 1 oz Silver rounds, RCM 1oz Gold Maples, and also Platinum. Our wide selection of bullion products and incredible prices will surely fit your needs. Contact us today for all your wholesale Bullion/Gold Bullion/Silver Bullion inquiries and our team will gladly help you. Reach us via email, live chat, social media, or telephone : +1 604-498-5001

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