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What is Bullion?

Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver have long been regarded as stable and resilient assets. However, they are now recognised as hedges against inflation after having historically served as genuine money. Products referred to as “bullion” are constructed only of a certain precious metal and come in a range of dimensions.

Across the world, most investments into precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and platinum is in reference to these bullion products. These bars and coins are normally stamped and certified, however in manufacturing these products costs are also incurred. These expenses are converted into premiums, which are tacked on top of the metal’s current price. Higher premiums will be charged for gold that has more elaborate designs and features because it naturally costs more to produce. Certain goods have lower production costs, which results in lower premiums.

One of the best ways to save in premiums is to purchase bullion at wholesale rates, getting yourself a better return on investment.

Invest with the Best Rates

For fifteen years, Instant Gold Refining has been Metro Vancouver’s top bullion dealer, happily serving Canadians. Despite being situated in Surrey, we have served companies in Vancouver, Abbotsford, Richmond, and Burnaby on the lower mainland. Additionally, we provide wholesale bullion services to companies across Canada while ensuring the lowest prices. Buying wholesale will save you money on premiums allowing for you to make a greater return on investment. Instant Gold Refining takes pride in only providing the best wholesale prices available. A few examples of the products we offer are 100 oz Silver Bars, RCM 1oz Gold Maples, Platinum 1oz bars, and many more. Our wide selection of bullion products and incredible prices will surely fit your needs. Please give our team a call to book your precious metals bullion today. Reach us via email or telephone : +1 604-498-5001