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Precious Metals in Dentistry

The use of precious metals is predominantly recognized to be for bullion and jewellery however, it has numerous other uses. Precious metals like Gold and Silver have both been used in different industries as they carry very desirable traits and properties. Gold’s conductivity makes it an amazing metal for use in the manufacturing of electronics.Silver not only has many more industrial uses than gold, but it is also far more inexpensive. 

When it comes to using gold and silver, the dental business is typically disregarded. Notable dental scrap items include Gold and Silver implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays, and overlays. Dental offices have the option of selling their dental waste to generate passive revenue. Additionally, selling it promotes the idea of recycling waste products and discovering environmentally friendly ways to produce gold. 

If you are a Dentist or Oral Hygienist wishing to recycle & sell your Scrap Dental Crowns/Metals, contact Instant Gold refining today. IGR offers very competitive rates with instant payouts. Bring your dental scrap in and we’ll prepare it for our melting and refining process. Our team members will carefully conduct a a pre-melt inspection of the metals and then begin the melting process. Once your metals have been melted and the impurities have been burned away, our team will carefully analyse the concentration of the different precious metals in your bar with our state of the art XRF assay technology. You can either swap your refined metals for Pure Bullion products, or be paid instantly via cheque or wire transfer. 

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