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Gold and Silver Dental Crowns and Scrap

Using Precious Metals in Dentistry

The use of precious metals is predominantly recognized to be bullion and jewellery however, it’s used for so much more. Precious metals like Gold and Silver both have been used in different industries as they both carry desirable traits. Gold’s conductivity makes it an amazing metal for use in the manufacturing of electronics. Silver also has many industrial uses and its “cheaper than gold” price point makes it so much more enticing. The dental industry is one that is normally overlooked in its application of Gold and Silver. It contains a large quantity of these two however with advances in technology we’re seeing it less and less. Notable dental scrap items include Gold and Silver implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays, and overlays. As means of generating passive income, dental practices can choose to sell their dental scrap. Moreover, selling it enforces the notion of recycling old materials and finding sustainable methods of producing gold. 

If you are a Dentist or Oral Hygienist wishing to recycle & sell your Scrap Dental Crowns/Metals, visit Instant Gold refining today. IGR offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry, aiming to pay out instantly!. Bring your dental scrap in and we’ll prepare it for our melting and refining process. We conduct a pre-melt inspection of the metals and we fire up the furnaces. Once we’ve been able to remove as many impurities as possible, the bar will be poured and cleaned. Following this, a member of our team will conduct an assay analysis through our in-house XRF technology. This analysis will allow us to determine the exact percentages of the metals which compose the bar. This in-turn will help a team member reach a settlement with you, at which point you can choose your form of payment. We offer payment via bank wire transfer, cheque, or you can select a number of bullion products to swap with. Our rates are some of the best on the market!

Do you have Scrap gold for sale, then come to us or send us your gold for refining.

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