10 oz Silver Bar (Royal Canadian Mint)

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About 10 oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar

The Royal Canadian Mint produces one of the purest bullion products in the world. RCM’s reputation is known throughout the world and mints currencies not just for Canada but for many other countries as well. It is hard to go wrong with Royal Canadian Mint, from the famous gold and silver Maple leaf coins to their bigger bars and coins. Royal Canadian Mint products carry an extra premium then other generic brands due to their reputability and intricate designs and security features.

10 oz royal Canadian mints silver bars have a purity of .9999. On a 10 Oz bars you do tend to save on premiums but also a brand value attached to them. 10 Oz RCM Silver Bar is a precious metal with historical value and its price can increase over time. Since RCM is a well-known and reputable bullion brand, the purity and authenticity of the bar are guaranteed. 10 oz is a convenient size for storage and transport and can be easily divided into smaller units. It a cost-effective option for large scale purchases of Silver bars which offer a lower premium compared to Gold. 10 Oz RCM Silver serve as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

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