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About 10 Oz Silver Bar

Silver was discovered around 4000 BC, near about modern-day Turkey. It is one of the first five metals to be discovered by mankind. Despite popular belief, silver was the first metal to be used as a currency rather than gold. The word silver is derived from the word “seolfor” which comes from the dictionary of Anglo-Saxon. In ancient times silver was synonymous with the word “money” and has extensively been used in a lot of currencies, even in modern ones. 

10 oz silver bars are a great investment, as silver is one of the precious metals that can hold its value against phenomena like inflation. With a 10 oz bar you can save on premiums while still having the benefit of a smaller bar that is easier to store. From an investment standpoint, the 10oz silver has an advantage over bigger bars as these are easier to store and are much easier to liquidate.

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