1 Oz Silver Somali Elephant Coin Tube – Bavarian Mint

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The 1 oz Silver Somali Elephant Coin Tube is a collection of 20 individual coins minted by the Bavarian State Mint. Due to the fact that they are made from 1 oz of.9999 fine silver, the coins are a premium investment choice for silver lovers.

The Somali Coat of Arms, which includes two leopards supporting a shield with a star in the middle, is depicted on the obverse of each coin. The word “SOMALI REPUBLIC” and the issue date are also inscribed on the obverse.

Each year, a different representation of an elephant is shown on the coin’s reverse. The elephant is depicted in the 2022 version standing in a grassy plain with Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. The face value of 100 shillings and the weight and purity of the silver are also printed on the coin.

The quality of each coin is preserved by having it enclosed in a protective plastic capsule that shields it from scuffs and damage. The coins are then placed in a mint-sealed tube, which offers additional security and guarantees their legitimacy.

With a very limited amount of tubes being produced for 2022, the 1 oz. Silver Somali Elephant Coin Tube is a limited edition item. Due to their constricted mintage, which increases their collectability and investment value, they are a valuable addition to any silver collection or investment portfolio.

In conclusion, collectors and silver enthusiasts should consider investing in the 1 oz Silver Somali Elephant Coin Tube because it is of the highest quality. It adds value to any collection or investment portfolio thanks to its exquisite design, protective packaging, and restricted mintage.

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