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Buy Silver Bars from Instant Gold Refining 

Investing in Silver is a great way to grow your investment portfolio. It is recognized as a safe haven asset that investors use to safeguard their wealth against inflation, times of economic crisis, and when major currencies are on a decline. Silver is seen as more of a stable asset as it is great with maintaining its value, making it a great and affordable option for investors! 


Advantages of Silver Over Gold 

One of the main advantages of Silver is its significant affordability compared to Gold. As a result, Silver is more accessible to a broader range of investors with all types of budgets. Although it has a lower price compared to Gold, it does not mean that it has a lower potential. In fact, this means that Silver has a higher potential to give investors a larger return on investment! 


Why You Should Buy Silver Bars

When investing in Silver, it is important to understand that Silver bars tend to have lower premiums than Silver coins. Meaning that you can purchase the same weight of Silver at a lower price point. Moreover, Silver bars are also easy to store and stack, making them a great choice for long term growth. 

When it comes to saving even more on Silver bars, you may want to consider larger bars such as 1 Kilo bars or 100 Oz bars. These tend to be the most cost effective as larger bars will tend to carry lower premiums. You can save even more on your Silver bars when you buy in bulk! 


Benefits of Buying Silver Bars in Bulk

If you are a Bullion Reseller, Pawn Shop, Jewellery Store, or even a large scale investor, you can save big on premiums when you buy Silver bars in bulk. This allows you to keep enough margin if you are reselling, or simply have a better ROI when investing. Instant Gold Refining offers an assortment of Silver bars that come in various different sizes. 

Whether you are buying Silver bars to invest, or for resale purposes, Instant Gold Refining your one stop shop in Canada to fill all your needs. We have a great selection of silver bars for you to choose from and offer convenient payment methods. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team or visit us directly in Surrey, BC. 

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