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Buy 100 Oz Silver Bars from Instant Gold Refining

When investing in precious metals, Silver is always a popular and highly regarded option. It is a tangible and stable asset that is significantly more attainable than Gold. Just like its yellow metal counterpart, Silver is an asset that is used to hedge investors’ wealth against inflation and times of economic uncertainty. We can see a direct correlation in economic movements, when the dollar depreciates in value, we will typically see Silver appreciating in value. Many investors believe that Silver has a higher potential to give a bigger return on investment due to its market price and real world industrial use.

Why 100 Oz Silver Bars are a great option 

Silver bars are typically the most effective way of investing in Silver as they tend to have lower premiums than Silver coins. Moreover, Silver bars have a simpler production process, especially 100 Oz bars. Due to their larger sizes and larger quantity, each 100 Oz Silver Bar will typically have a lower premium per ounce than smaller bars like 10 Oz and 1 Oz bars. Additionally, when considering storage options, storing a single 100 Oz Bar is a lot easier than storing 10 10 Oz bars. By investing in 100 Oz bars you are taking advantage of having a lower point of entry, giving you a better ROI on your overall Silver investment. 

Buy 100 Oz Silver Bars in Bulk 

Even though you are already saving when you buy 100 Oz Silver bars, you can save even more on premiums when you buy in bulk. Here at Instant Gold Refining we work with Bullion dealers/resellers, Jewellery stores and Pawn Shops across Canada by offering wholesale incentives. By buying in large quantities, we are able to give you our wholesale rates to leave you with enough margin to profit on. Moreover, if you are an investor with a large budget, feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss bulk order pricing. We offer convenient payment methods to fulfill our order. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team or visit us directly in Surrey, BC. 

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