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About 5 oz Silver Bars

The 5 oz Silver Bar is a great starter investment for those who are looking to invest in Silver. Silver has long been regarded as a reliable and stable investment in comparison to non tangible assets like stocks and bonds. Gold and Silver both have proven to be strong hedges against economic phenomena like inflation. The price of silver is determined by the spot market price however, there are still premiums added on top of that for any physical product. These premiums are a result of the cost incurred by Mints and Refineries that produce Gold and Silver Bullion. The basic principle to follow to understand the idea of principles is that the larger the denomination, the less premium is attached to such a product. It costs more to produce five 1oz Silver bars or coins than it does to produce one 5 oz Silver Bar. However, there are many benefits to owning smaller denominations as they are much easier to liquidate in times of need. Someone who has a 10 oz Bar would have to liquidate the full piece however if you were to own two 5 oz Silver Bars, you have that benefit of liquidating as much as you actually need. It all comes down to the needs of the investor. That is why the 5 oz Silver Bar is such a great investment, as it has the benefit of less premiums compared to smaller denominations like the 1 oz, but much easier to liquidate compared to larger bars like the 10 oz, Kilo Bar and especially 100oz Silver Bar. 5 oz Silver bars approximately 155.5 grams or exactly 5 troy ounces of Fine 999 Silver.

Instant Gold Refining carries 5 oz Silver bars from a number of Mints and Refineries including but not limited to, Johnson Matthey, Scotiabank, ItalPreziosi, and many more. We are authorized by the Royal Canadian Mint as Authorized Bullion DNA dealers, carrying a number of authentic and beautiful RCM bullion products. We offer refining services and also deal in a number of bullion products in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Feel free to contact us regarding availability of different products and brands and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.


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