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Philharmonic is the bullion coin produced by the Austrian Mint. The coin was conceived in 1989 as 1 troy oz gold coin with the face of Austrian Schilling. After the introduction of the coin, it gave good competition to the coins like the Krugerrand, Britannia, and a few others. At one point in time, it did become the worlds selling bullion coin. In 2002 when the euro currency was introduced, and the face value was changed to 100 euros. 

The idea of the coin was given a green light when the Austrian National Council gave authorization to the Austrian Mint to produce one ounce and fractional ounces in gold bullion coins. The face of the coin has the famous Musikverein Pipe Organ. The reverse side has the orchestra instruments, a harp, violins, a cello, a bassoon, and the Vienna horn. This design creation was done by Thomas Pesendorfer.

In 2008, a silver 1 Oz version of the coin was introduced with a face value of 1.5 euros. The shape of the coin was different from the gold coin. The gold coin had reeded edges whereas the silver coin has smooth edges. The silver coins’ performance in the market was good and the sales were brisk. In 2016 a one-ounce 999.5 purity and the same design as the gold coin was introduced but in Platinum. For the 15th anniversary, a 1000 troy oz version with a nominal value of 100,000 was created and was known as the Big Phil. 

We carry products from the Austrian Mint such as the Philharmonic. If you are looking to purchase Philharmonics or any other bullion products, give us a call and our team will gladly help you.

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