Why do we value gold so much?

There are many reasons why gold has been so valuable throughout the history of humankind. Since ancient civilizations, gold has been seen as a symbol of power, wealth, divinity, and majesty. Gold has always been associated with royalty, divinity, sacred images, and everything related to an ultimate power that is out of the reach of ordinary people. 

The way that gold was used in ancient times was most commonly seen in jewelry, clothing, divine figures, buildings, and furniture. This value would soon be translated into currency to be traded but would be almost inaccessible to people other than nobility and those in power. 

It is understood that the original value of gold and its symbolic meaning come from its beauty, as gold stands out for its extraordinary beauty and malleability to use and wear. 

Over time, gold remained one of the most coveted and valued precious metals and materials in the world, not only for its beauty but also for many other qualities. The first reason why gold remains valued is its scarcity; gold is rare in nature, and its extraction is getting more and more expensive with time due to accessibility problems and the rising costs of production. This brings us to the second reason that affects the value of gold, namely that the price of gold has historically only risen over time; it fluctuates, but it’s always on the rise. From an investor’s perspective, gold is a safe haven in times of financial uncertainty. 

Nowadays, gold is a financial asset in every shape and form, including bonds and stocks. 

The uses for gold go beyond decorative and financial purposes. Gold is also used in electronics, medical tools, dental crowns and bridges, the aerospace industry, the automobile industry, and defense, among others. What makes gold so valuable, apart from its intrinsic monetary value, are its properties: it is malleable, easy to shape and use, hypoallergenic, non-corrosive and long lasting. All of the former, added to its natural beauty and appeal, make gold the most valuable metal on earth.

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