Why sell your dental gold to a refinery?


Dental scrap is everything left over after a dentist’s intervention. In this particular case, we will be talking about precious metal dental scrap such as dental fillers, crowns, and bridges that are made from a base of silver, palladium, and gold. 


There are many reasons why precious metals and gold in particular are used in dentistry as fillers, crowns, and bridges.

  1. Gold castings are durable, they do not break or fracture easily. 
  2. Gold castings maintains its colour and do not show signs of wear 
  3. Gold has a similar coefficient expansion to the tooth structure
  4. Gold casting supports and protects the enamel of the teeth preventing it from breaking down
  5. Gold is very malleable which makes it easy to work it and shape it in a very natural anatomical form
  6. Gold castings can be shaped to a very smooth finished and makes it very comfortable to wear
  7. Gold castings do not change its shape over time 
  8. Gold castings are impermeable and therefore oral fluids cannot make it through the casts
  9. Gold does not oxidizes
  10. Gold does not produce any discoloration due to oxidation or wear 
  11. Gold is aesthetic where other materials have a unpleasant look to them
  12. Gold castings can be cemented without having to use adhesive bonding products
  13. Gold castings allow for a better healing of the tissue. Unlike other materials, gold is hypoallergenic and does not affect the detriment of the skin and other tissues. 
  14. Gold castings do not act as abrasive to the rest of the teeth
  15. Gold castings do not contain mercury in its alloys
  16. Gold does not liberate toxins 
  17. Gold castings show longevity and do not need to be replaced over time 


You could be a dentist with a good amount of gold scrap extracted from customers, or an individual who wants to sell its own gold castings. In both cases, selling your dental scrap is a source of extra income. At Instant Gold Refining, you can get the best value for your gold dental scrap. 

On the other hand you will be helping the environment by recycling your precious metals.


The value of your dental scrap will depend on the gold content of your castings. Gold crowns and bridges are made of different alloys that contain a variety of other metals and different purity of gold . They may be anywhere from 10 karat to 18 karat gold. (24 karat is pure gold.) The average is 11.5 karat or 47.9% gold. The weight and metal content of the crown/bridge plus current market price of gold will determine what the refiner can pay.

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