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The Varieties and Values of Canada’s Silver Maple Leaves

Sizes and Denominations of Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Size matters for silver maple leaves. Silver maples in Canada come in several sizes to fit any budget or investment aim. The 1 oz silver maple leaf is the most popular and affordable option. Sizes include 1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and 1/10 ounce. They’re ideal for new collectors or small investments.

  • Size1.0 oz.
  • Face Value: Five Canadian Dollars
  • Gross: 31.10 g/1 oz.
  • Actual Silver Weight: 31.10 grams (1.00 oz) for Troy.
  • Fineness/Composition: .999 Silver of 38.00 MM (1.50 Inches) diameter

For additional silver, try the 5 oz and 10 oz silver maples. Greater sizes represent less silver premium over the spot price. The 10 oz maple is ideal for buying silver bullion around melt value.

The quantity of coins minted increased from 1.15 million in 1988 to 34.3 million in 2015. Only the American Silver Eagle bullion coin is more popular now.

RCM released Super Incuse Kilo Silver Maple Leaf. Only 450 coins are available globally. Serious investors get the most silver for their money from 1 kilogram (32.15 troy oz) and 100 oz silver maple leaves. Due to their high silver content, these heavyweight coins have the lowest premiums. The six-figure costs make these bullion beasts unaffordable for most purchasers. Most years, the Royal Canadian Mint issues limited-edition collector sets. Premiums are greater.

Silver Maple Leaf Coin Design and Security Features

The Queen Elizabeth II obverse has seen three incarnations. The first Maple Leaf picture was used from 1988-1989, the second from 1990-2003, and the third from June 2003, which depicted a crownless queen the year following her Golden Jubilee, until the present. The 2019 and 2020 issues feature enhanced security features like radial lines and a micro-engraved maple leaf. The maple leaf on each silver bullion coin is laser-micro-engraved and only visible under magnification. Two numerals mark the coin’s manufacture year in this maple leaf.

The Canadian coin’s reverse has the sugar maple leaf, the national symbol. The leaf veins and texture are meticulously sculpted.

Grading and Pricing Factors for Silver Maple Leaf Coins
  • The most common Silver Maple Leaf is 1 oz however, the Royal Canadian Mint also makes 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, and 1/20 oz. new collectors on a budget may prefer smaller amounts, but the 1 ounce is easier to sell and exchange.
  • The typical bullion Silver Maple Leaf is 99.99% pure silver. Some years feature more collectible proof, privy, or reverse proof editions. Collectors value coins with earlier issue dates.
  • Coin condition is assessed on a 70-point international scale. Uncirculated Bullion Silver Maple Leaf’s trade for a modest premium above spot silver. MS-69 (Mint State) and MS-70 (flawless) coins are extremely well-preserved and worth more. Coin quality and value can be affected by minor flaws.
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