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From Mine to Masterpiece: The Journey of Heraeus Gold

From Ore to Ingot: The Meticulous Sourcing and Refining of Heraeus Gold

Heraeus is a top 10 German family-owned company and global leader. Deep underground, gold ingots of the finest purity and quality are made. From South Africa to Canada to Australia, Heraeus obtains gold ore from the best and most sustainable mines.

Their value chain uses legal and ethical precious metals that are environmentally friendly. They follow the toughest requirements consistently. Heraeus Precious Metals exclusively uses audited miners. The Heraeus Group has a comprehensive and rigid framework that addresses environmental, social, and human rights.

After being delivered to modern Heraeus refineries, the raw ore is crushed into a thin powder to begin processing. Gold is extracted from the ore using sophisticated chemical processes in a multi-step process that needs accuracy. The 400 oz Heraeus gold ingots sold worldwide are made from these bars after miller chlorination refines them to 99.99% purity.

Unparalleled Quality Control:

Heraeus symbolises quality. Successful development and production require strong teamwork and a responsive culture. Eco Vadis certified it. Eco Vadis began offering trustworthy corporate sustainability certificates in 2007 using four major categories:

1) Environmental effect.

2) Labour and people.

3) Ethics.

4) Procurement practices.

The evaluation is then confirmed by Eco Vadis sustainability specialists. Eco Vadis sets ethical and environmental standards for several sectors. Top 5 Eco Vadis firm Heraeus was gold in Germany in 2023.

Crafting Masterpieces: The Artistry and Innovation Behind Heraeus Gold Products

Heraeus gold goods are intricately crafted using human and technological skills. Heraeus produces high-quality gold goods using skilled artisans and cutting-edge machinery. Each gold product starts with 99.99% pure gold bullion from mines worldwide. Some gold goods need processing to look good and last.

a) Burnished high-temperature golds are designed for 1180–1230°C burning.  Burnishing the heated metal layer gives these gold embellishments their rich silk matt golden look. The burned high-temperature gold layer is much thicker than brilliant or matt gold metal layers. Many gold ornaments are yellow red because of the high firing temperature. White gold alloys of gold/platinum or gold/palladium powder are also obtainable at high temperatures.

b)  Bright gold preparations are precious metal-based metalorganic compounds dissolved in resin and oil. Bright golds come in lemon, yellow, yellow-red, copper, and rosé. Bright golds are applied on substrates in various ways. Apply liquid brilliant gold to the brushes. Direct screen printing and decal manufacture use dazzling gold pastes. It works on porcelain, bone china, earthenware, tiles, soda-lime, borosilicate, and quartz glass.

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