The Story of Silver from Ancient Civilizations to Today

Ever curious how silver evolved to be such an appealing commodity? Throughout thousands of years, silver had a storied past. You have unquestionably noticed silver jewellery or coins are known for their intrinsic value, though are you aware of how this metal has influenced markets and communities? It’s an interesting story, Silver’s. Silver has long been appreciated for its glossy brilliance and adaptability, valued by cultures, and delivered to Europe in enormous quantities by Spanish galleons. The usage of silver in jewellery, electronics, bullion, and medicine continues to be significant today. So come along with me as we go through history to learn the tale of silver as well as how it revolutionized the world.

A Brief History of Silver as Money in Ancient Civilizations

  • Silver coins were used for the first time in ancient Greece around 700 B.C. The Athenians were able to increase their treasury thanks to silver-based tribute payments.
  • Ancient Persians started using silver coins, called sigloi, in 520 B.C. The Persian king’s portrait travelled throughout the empire on coins.
  • Denarii, which were quickly elevated to significance throughout the Roman Empire, were the first coins made by ancient Romans utilizing silver as the primary metal.
  • During the American Civil War in 1630 and in 886 AD as silver pennies, the first British silver coins were struck.
  • In 1873, Congress gave the go-ahead for the issuance of silver trade coins for use in transactions with China.
  • As a medium of exchange, the silver Mexican peso coin was accepted.   Due to its purity and adaptability, merchants and traders treasured the white metal.
  • Canada’s debut silver coin was made in 1858, and like its neighbour, the United States, the country’s currency is tied at 100 cents to the dollar. When the 25 and 50-cent silver pieces took on a more nationalist slant in 1870, the Royal Canadian Mint became known around the world as a very competent mint.

In the Modern Investment Era, Silver Bullion, and Coins

Silver bullion signifies the pure metal that is offered for sale in bars, rounds, as well as ingots. The metal silver manufacture and distribution costs are included in the bullion’s retail cost. It is calculated by using the current spot price. Some instances of coins that contain 1 troy ounce of the highest quality (.999) silver and are frequently utilized as legitimate currency include the Chinese Silver Panda, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and American Silver Eagle coins. A small percentage of the numerous commercial uses for silver involve technological devices, renewable power sources, pharmaceuticals, and an extensive number of different uses. This industrial demand may affect the price of silver depending on how both supply and demand may change.

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