The Easiest Way to Recycle Unwanted Gold and Silver Jewellery: Instant Gold Refining

Do you have unwanted gold or silver jewellery lying around your home? Maybe you inherited some old family jewellery that you don’t plan on wearing or the style is out of fashion. Whatever the reason, you may have thought about selling it or recycling it, but the process can seem daunting. That’s where Instant Gold Refining comes in! Instant Gold Refining is an easy and efficient way to recycle your gold or silver jewellery into cash. IGR refines and processes Placer Gold, Silver Scrap, Silver Gold, bench filings, and more.

Types of jewellery that can be recycled with Instant Gold Refining

Instant Gold Refining accepts all types of gold and silver jewellery and other types of jewellery that contain gold or silver. One of the biggest buyers of scrap jewellery in western Canada is Instant Gold Refining. You can also contact IGR if you want to sell gold nuggets or gold placer.

How does Instant Gold Refining work?

  •         Melting: Weighing and melting the metals you provide to us is the first step in our refining process.
  •         Assay: The amount and makeup of the precious metals, together with their purity requirements and content, are determined by an assay. At Instant Gold Refining, we use XRF technology to get precise results for your precious metals. With this technology, we may obtain accurate results in less than 90 seconds. Your metals’ value can be calculated once we’ve established their purity, and a pay-out can then be made. For your precious metals or scrap prices, we can provide speedy turnarounds and affordable rates.
  •         Shipment Security: Additionally, we can set up safe shipping for your precious metals from your company to our headquarters. Every time, we provide a safe and insured delivery.

Customer testimonials

Instant Gold Refining has received several positive reviews from customers. One customer said, “Very convenient location, easy to deal with staff and superb customer service.” Another customer said, “Good service. Good security. Very transparent.”

You can check out the online site for more information on how to sell your scrap jewellery. You can also visit our head office and our team will gladly help you.

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