Selling Your Rhodium bullion

Rhodium is a rare precious metal obtained from the mining of platinum. The Bushveld complex in South Africa is a well-known mining location that supplies the majority of the rhodium used in the precious metals market. But in recent years, prices have risen due to growing demand, making your scrap rhodium precious.

Rhodium bullion: Definition

Rhodium bullion is only accessible as an investment option from a few number of mints, notably the Pamp Suisse and the Baird Mint, as it is one of the rarest precious metals in existence. 2012 saw the initial release of rhodium bars, which are now exchangeable. 

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Rhodium Scrap: 

Rhodium scrap is abundant since the majority of it is used in the production of automobiles. There is a very good probability that you are sitting on valuable rhodium alloy in the form of electrical components if you own a salvage yard or car repair shop. 

Rhodium Jewelry: 

Rarely are whole jewellery creations made entirely of pure rhodium. Rhodium plating is frequently used on valuable  products like white gold jewellery and bracelets. 

Furnace Elements: 

A rhodium-platinum alloy is used to make a variety of high-temperature furnace elements, including coils, windings, and heating elements. Due to this, they can withstand being heat without experiencing a catastrophic failure.

Different ways to evaluate scrap rhodium:


A thermocouple is a thermoelectric instrument that uses the Seebeck effect to monitor temperature. Thermocouples are used in many industrial applications, including furnace temperature monitoring to aircraft engines. Depending on the alloys used in its production, each thermocouple has a letter code. The relevant types include:

  •   Type B: Uses an alloy of platinum/rhodium 6% and platinum/rhodium 30%. 
  •   Type R: Uses an alloy of platinum/rhodium 13% and pure platinum. 
  •   Type S: Uses an alloy of platinum/rhodium 10% and pure platinum.
Rhodium Electrodes: 

In scientific contexts, rhodium-plated counter electrodes are frequently used to investigate electrochemical processes. They are a more affordable option than analogues that are platinum-plated. The rhodium-plated wire or mesh components will be removed from the electrodes and evaluated by the refiner for purity and weight in order to establish their value.

Rhodium Sponge:

High-purity (99% to 99.999%) rhodium in granular form, ground to a fine powder, is what is used to make rhodium sponge. Rhodium sponge is mostly used in scientific and industrial applications, such as coating thermocouple elements, high-temperature crucibles,etc. 

Sell Us Your Rhodium:

Instant Gold Refining makes sure that everything is simple so that you may take advantage of quick transactions. At this time we are NOT purchasing any scrap rhodium, we are ONLY purchasing rhodium bullion. We evaluate your rhodium bullion and produce a proposal based on market rates. Further, they provide prompt payments in the form of cash, bullion, e-transfer, checks, or bank wire transfers.

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