Gold buying and selling Gold in Yukon, Canada

Yukon Territory in Canada has been mined for gold for over a century and a half. In spite of this, mining industry leaders claim that the jurisdiction has yet to reach its full potential, despite the fact that their businesses are always looking for new ways to extend their precious metal deposits and making large green-field finds. Ever since the metal was found for the first time in Dawson City in the year 1896, Yukon gold has been legendary. However, a surge of investment from large miners in the last year implies the territory might be on the cusp of a 21st century gold rush.

Heather Burrell, President and Managing Director of independent geological consulting business Archer Cathro, has observed, “The beauty of the Yukon is that even with its great history, it is still very much underexplored.”

Why is gold useful?

Jewellery is one of gold’s most common uses. The difficulty in duplicating jewellery contributes to its status as a luxury item and, in turn, its high price. Gold’s primary use in electronics is as a conductor of electricity. Although it lacks gold’s durability, it is much cheaper than silver. Various modern products, like cellphones, laptops, and TVs, rely on gold for their construction. It is also utilised in the dental industry. Gold is utilised because it is safer than other metals and lasts longer. Dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, bridges, and fillings often include gold. Gold is also a common form of currency and is utilised as a safe haven. Gold-based financial products are a popular means of asset preservation. Gold’s assured price rise over time makes it an attractive inflation hedge.

How much gold is in canada?

In 2017, the value of gold exports was CAD $6.1 billion, with 83% of that value going to the United States. There are several isolated gold mines in Canada. Gold is often exported since transportation would be so costly. Concentrates high in gold are extracted from main mines and sent to American refineries. Approximately twenty U.S. refineries create gold bars, with many of them being sold to institutional investors. Gold’s price per ounce has fluctuated widely over the last century, although it has typically been about $600. Despite huge swings, the price of gold has stayed relatively constant.

How do I buy and sell gold in Yukon, Canada?

Gold is most often purchased in the form of gold bars. In addition to coin shops and bullion dealers, refineries are another place to buy gold bars. Gold bars produced in Canada are .9999 pure. Moreover, Instant gold refining offers to buy and sell you gold bars at competitive rates. 

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To conclude

Gold isn’t only beautiful. It’s been used for thousands of years. Gold is an investment, luxury product, and industrial metal. Gold is a unique investment with a long history of value. You may preserve your funds and diversify your portfolio. Instant gold refining offers fantastic rates on placer gold in Yukon. We will ensure you that you will be leaving our offices with a great experience and opportunities to do business again in the future.

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