What to look out for when buying Silver Maples?

Silver is a great way to invest your money and hedge against inflation. Silver Maples are one of the most popular Silver Bullion products in the market. The Canadian Silver Maple coin is released annually by the government of Canada. It is produced by the Royal Canadian mint. Every new edition coin has an updated year marked on it. These coins are legal tenders with $5 dollar face values. It is important to conduct research before making any sort of precious metals investment. Here are some things to know when looking for maples. 

What should you look out for when buying Silver Maples?

Each Silver Maple is carefully minted with a bullion DNA trademark security feature. They are laser engraved with an anti-counterfeiting security mark. These can be tested with a Bullion DNA scanner. This new technique allows dealers and investors to verify the authenticity of the coin. This new added benefit of increased security definitely attracts lots of investors. 

Silver Maples all have radial lines which are very fine and result in a light-diffracting pattern. One can differentiate real and fake because counterfeit coins are thicker, spaced further apart and do not refract light. 

Every Silver maple coin is highly polished over the queen elizabeth II portrait. The authentic coins have a genuine finish while the counterfeits will usually have a matte finish. 

Overall, Canadian Silver maples are always going to be a valuable investment. These coins will never go out of style and are only continuing to improve. They are one of the worlds highly requested Bullion products as they are easy to buy and sell in the market. They can be sold as individual pieces, in tubes of 25 pieces and in monster boxes of 500 pieces. 

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