How Much Does a Gold Bar Weigh?

Throughout history, Gold and Silver have distinguished themselves from other metals as they are safe and dependable assets. In the past these precious metals had been used as money itself, however today they serve as hedges against inflation. You can invest in Gold by purchasing ETRs, ETFs, or the most common way is buying physical bullion itself. Gold bullion products consist purely of Gold and they are stamped and certified as such. Producers of these bars also incur costs, therefore these manufacturing costs are translated into premiums in addition to the spot price. Bullion coming from more reputable brands such as PAMP Suisse and Royal Canadian Mint normally have higher premiums. Another point to note is that bigger bars that weigh more are cheaper to produce than smaller intricate pieces. Therefore it is clear that a 1 kg bar will have lower premiums than a 1 oz Gold bar. 

There are a large variety of sizes, weights, shapes that one can consider when purchasing Gold bullion. You can invest in single gram bars up to a 1 kg bar, it all depends on your needs. As gold is an expensive metal, purchasing bars in larger sizes will inevitably cost more and will be harder to liquidate. A single 10 oz Gold bar will have to be liquidated all at once, whereas a ten 1 oz Gold bar can be liquidated in smaller quantities. Should you be looking to hold on to your Gold for long periods of time, low premium products are your best choice. 1 kg gold bars are a perfect investment for these sorts of people. Should you be looking to trade and invest in shorter time frames, smaller denominations like 5g gold bars will be perfect.

Here at Instant Gold Refining, we carry a large variety of Gold bars at some of the most competitive prices. We offer 1 oz gold bars from a number of different mints such as the Perth Mint, RCM, and PAMP Suisse. Should you be looking to invest in fractional Gold bullion or if you’d like to invest largely into 1 kg gold bars, look no further than Instant Gold Refining. 

If you have any questions on Gold bars, feel free to contact us and our team will gladly help you. You can reach us via email, live chat, social media, or telephone. +1 604 498 5001.

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