Refining Your Scrap Jewellery

Historically, Gold and Silver have widely been used in manufacturing Jewellery in addition to being used as currency. Both precious metals carry desirable traits for the manufacturing of jewelry. Jewelry manufactured with Gold is unlikely to tarnish while Silver’s beautiful shine also invites manufacturers. In order to manufacture strong jewelry, an alloy must be created by mixing other metals. Both Gold and Silver are much too soft in their pure form to be used in jewellery manufacturing. Both metals have a recognised scale to measure the purity;

Gold Purities

10K: 41.7% Gold

14K: 58.3% Gold

18K: 75% Gold

22K: 91.6%

Silver Purities

.800 Silver: At least 80% Silver & no more than 20% copper or other metals.

.925 Sterling Silver: At least 92.5% Silver & no more than 7.6% copper or other metals.

.950 Sterling Silver: At least 95% Silver & no more than 5% copper or other metals.

Fine Silver: 99.9%

Regardless of the fact that the precious metals are tainted by impurities, the jewelry continues to carry value. Higher concentrations of Gold and Silver in jewelry will inevitably lead to a higher payout once refined.

How to Refine and Sell your Scrap Jewelry

Instant Gold Refining is one of the largest scrap jewellery buyers in Western Canada. We are proud to service many clients across numerous provinces, buying scrap jewelry at some of the most competitive rates. If your scrap jewellery contains Gold, Silver, or Platinum bring it in to us and we’ll offer you a great payout. Once we’ve melted and removed as many impurities as possible, our team conducts assay tests to determine the purity of your bar. Our in-house XRF technology accurately determines the purities however we run another test to ensure its accuracy. Once a settlement is reached, you can choose to be paid via bank wire transfer, cheque, or swap for Bullion products.

Should you have any inquiries regarding our rates or our refining process, feel free to contact us. You can reach us via email, live chat, social media, or you can call us at +1 604-498-5001!

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