Is Gold still a Good investment in 2021?

In a world where new investments are at every corner, we have to consider our options for the best ROI. Now more than ever, investors need to be careful with how they invest their wealth. With options like crypto, stocks, properties and many more, we need to ensure diversification in the investment portfolio. It is understandable that there are other investments that may offer better returns, however it still doesn’t equate to Gold’s benefits. This article aims to help provide you with the knowledge that Gold is still a contending investment in 2021.

To begin, Gold is still the best investment to hedge against inflation. Top investors and economists would agree to that statement. Gold has improved over and over again through the years. Ever since the Gold standard ended and there was an increased level of inflation, Gold has increased in value each year. It’s limited supply is what promotes more and more growth. During times of economic stress, precious metals perform the best. We saw this first hand in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The world suffered tremendously, but investors rushed over to Gold knowing that it would shoot up in value. Their bet clearly paid off as Gold made history by creating a brand new all time high.

As the world began to recover, we saw Gold prices fall. This was a blessing in disguise for everyone as it allowed investors to buy back into more Gold at a discount. Additionally, the drop became a blessing as the economy is heavily inflated and is continuing to get inflated. Inflation is right in action and is expected to grow making Gold the safest bet to a successful investment.

The best way to ensure safety in your investment in Gold is to buy physical Gold bullion. This will ensure that you are in full control of the metal and the price of Gold directly reflects on your holdings. So to answer your question, Gold is definitely a good investment to make in 2021.

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