How is gold mined? 

The way we get our gold today all begins with the first step in the process which is Gold mining. The process of mining for Gold is quite complex and requires a lot of understanding. To delve deeper, we need to know the three main ways in which Gold is mined. These include; Placer mining, Hard rock mining, and By-product gold mining. 

Placer mining

Placer mining is a popular choice of mining gold for novice gold seekers. It entails using methods such as metal detecting, panning, dredging and slucing. Usually in this case the Gold that is mined is taken from placer deposits. You will commonly see these gold miners separeating the gold from the sediments around it through the simple use of water and gravity. 

Hard rock mining 

Hard rock mining is the most common type of gold mining. This entails removing gold from biggers rocks rather than loose smaller pieces moving around. This tends to involve open-pit mining which large companies such as Barrick Gold operate. They dig deep into the ground where gold ore is primarily found. This involved digging tunnels and having to extract the gold using shafts. 

By-product gold mining 

Gold does not have to be the main product that is mined. Gold can be found as a by product of other metals which are being mined. For example, in copper mines, they tend to recover Gold and other metals as a by-product. Copper mines such as the Grasberg mine in Papua Indonesia actually produces some of the largest amounts of Gold in the world. 

Gold mining is where it all begins. Once the Gold is mined, it gets shipped off to various mints and refineries around the world. Moreover, thats where they produce the Gold that we get today. The beautiful Gold coins or bars stamped or inscribed with the brand and 999 fine gold. Mining Gold is a process which allows us to be able to invest in the stunning yellow metal.

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