999 vs 9999 Fine Gold: What is the Difference?

999 vs. 9999 Fine Gold: What is the Difference?

999 vs 9999 Fine Gold: What is the Difference? 

Investors buy gold to collect and sell but some have questions about the differences of 999 fine gold with 9999 fine gold. The blog is here to help investors answer their question and  understand the difference between the two numbers and the two different meaning

What is 999 fine gold?

What is the meaning of 999 fine gold? Why is there a difference between 999 vs 9999? This question gets asked a lot but there is a meaning for it. 999 fine gold indicates a gold content of 999.9 parts per thousand. When there is a product that is made of 999 fine gold, this means that product of gold is 24 Karat. This is the purest type of gold you can get. There can never be 100% pure gold with no other impurities. The most pure gold to be found is 999.999 gold but this is very hard to find as this is extremely rare.

What is 9999 fine gold?

There is a difference between 999 fine gold and 9999 fine gold. The difference is that 9999 gold represents Gold that is more refined. The meaning of refined gold is that it is pure and has few impurities. When gold is measured, it is measured by numbers and usually does not pass through three digits. This shows that 9999 fine gold is the purest gold there is.

Where can I buy 9999 fine gold and 999 fine gold? 

Many different companies sell both 9999 fine gold and 999 fine gold all over the world.

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We hope this blog helped you answer your questions for the difference between 999 fine gold and 9999 fine gold.

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