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Cashing in on Dental Scrap: What Your Gold and Silver Teeth Are Really Worth

Determining the Weight and Purity of Dental Scrap

Gold and silver dental scrap value varies on weight and purity. You need an accurate scale in grams, ounces, or pennyweights to weigh it. Grams are preferred by scrap traders.

After weighing your dental debris, examine its purity indications. Karats quantify gold purity from 9k (37.5%) to 24k (99.9%). Silver percentages. Pure 92.5% sterling silver. The value of gold-plated or gold-filled dental work is low.

Grams or ounces measure gold. Dental repair gold weights are approximated as follows:

  • 2–5-gram gold crown 0.07–0.18 ounces.
  • 0.5–2 grams are gold fillings.
  • Gold bridges, 2–4 grams.

If a sample lacks purity indications, a scrap trader can test it for karate or percent. They employ X-ray fluorescence analysers, acid testing kits, and electronic karat testers.

To calculate the value, multiply dental scrap weight with the gold or silver market price for that purity. For improved scrap metal estimates, some merchants provide a website Scrap Metal Calculator. Price changes daily due to commodities markets. Take advantage of the rich metals in your teeth and turn dental work into cash!

Current Market Prices for Dental Gold and Silver

Precious metal prices fluctuate, but below are the current market values for popular dental scrap:  Dental grade 14K gold cost $28.70 per gram in 2023. Multiple crowns might cost several hundred dollars rapidly. A single molar crown costs 2-4 grams of gold, or $50–150 approximately.

Silver amalgam can be sold to refiners for its silver content, albeit not as much as gold. Silver costs roughly $0.53 per gram. The average big filling comprises 1-3 grams of silver, worth around $4–$6.

Gold teeth are worth $800–$1000+ depending on purity and weight. Gold teeth set typically cost thousands.

Economic conditions, supply and demand, and other factors affect gold prices. Gold cost $2,262.34 CAD per ounce in Canada in 2022. In 2023, an ounce costs $2600 CAD.

 Getting the Best Price When Selling Your Dental Scrap

Check Current Market Prices: Find reputable websites that track gold and silver prices per ounce to set a baseline price for your materials.

Get Multiple Quotes: Don’t accept the first offer. Get quotes for your materials from 3–4 refiners. Some refiners pay 5–10% more for larger scrap lots, so try to gather all your materials before selling.

Avoid “Cash for Gold” Schemes: Beware of “cash for gold” schemes promising high payouts. These short-term buyers undercut material prices and disappear quickly. Avoid these schemes and deal only with reputable refiners and buyers with fair prices and business practices. Be careful with your dental gold and silver!

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