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3 Reasons Gold Bars Should Be in Your Investment Strategy

Gold Bars Investment Reasons:

  1. Diversification: Since gold prices fluctuate independently of the stock market and other investments, adding gold bars diversifies. When stocks are volatile, gold bar values hold steady or rise. This lowers portfolio risk.
  2. Hedge Against Inflation: Over time, inflation devalues currencies. Your bank account money buys less as living costs rise. Gold, however, holds its value during inflation. Your money’s purchasing power is protected by its inflation-linked price increases.

With inflation rising, interest rates are raised to control prices. This can hurt bond and treasury investments. Higher interest rates help gold. When interest rates rise, investors buy gold, raising its price. In conclusion, gold protects you from inflation, rising interest rates, and market turmoil.

  1. Tangible Asset: Gold bars are physical assets, unlike stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They’re more than brokerage account entries. Gold bars provide a secure asset you can keep regardless of the economy or financial system.

Gold appreciates over time.

Gold bars have held their value well. Gold provides stability amid political and economic uncertainty. Here are three reasons to invest in gold bars:

Demand for gold is rising: Emerging market economies boost gold demand. Rising middle classes in China and India favour gold investments. Central banks are increasing their gold reserves, proving their stability. With limited supplies and rising demand, gold prices will likely rise over time.

2023’s Top Gold Bar Investments

Credit Suisse Gold Bars: Valcambi-made, Credit Suisse Group-designed. Top gold bars bullion investments worldwide. These Valcambi Gold Bars come in 1-gram to 50-oz sizes! Beginner investors with limited capital or who need something portable and easy to store should buy smaller gold bars.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars: British metals manufacturer Johnson Matthey has a long history. Since 1946, they have been the UK’s official silver coin producer, gaining popularity. They make gold bars in many sizes, designs, shapes, and refinements. Investors pay less for Johnson Matthey bars because they are usually “cast” gold ingots rather than minting them.

Gold Minted Bars, Perth Mint: Gold bars from ½ oz to 1,000 oz are produced by the renowned Perth Mint in Australia. Most investors can’t afford their 400- or 1,000-oz branded bars. The “Gold Minted Bars” series comes in 5, 10, and 20 grams and 1 and 10 ounces.

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