Buying Gold and Silver at Wholesale Prices

Our number one goal here at Instant Gold Refining is focused on providing our clients with the best possible investments. We take pride in the fact that we help many clients achieve a strong return on investment. We do this through providing them with the ability to purchase in large quantities and giving them a discounted price on their Gold or Silver. When buying Gold and Silver in higher volume, you reap many benefits. For instance, bulk deals offer the benefit of receiving wholesale prices. In terms of an investment, this offers a great advantage as you are paying significantly less in premiums per ounce, giving you a better chance at receiving a higher ROI. 

Why It’s better to buy from us

Why buy directly from us instead of going straight to the mint? Many are under the impression that since the mint produces bullion they would offer much better rates. However, this is not actually the case. Mints usually don’t allow the general public to purchase in bulk quantities, nor do they offer wholesale pricing. Additionally, for some Mints one must become a registered dealer and open an account with them first in order to obtain large quantities from them. The process of opening this account is an extensive process with many steps and sometimes takes months to complete. 

This is why investors are better off purchasing directly from us. We offer you the same exact product but at a highly competitive rate. Instant Gold Refining is a great alternative to turn to for your next Gold or Silver Investment. Contact us for more information regarding the discounts when buying at a wholesale level. You can also visit our office in Surrey, BC. We have been in the precious metals industry for over 15 years and are proud to be serving the Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and Abbotsford areas! Invest with us today!

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