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1 Oz Gold Bullion in Canada

Buying 1 Oz Gold Bullion Bars and Coins in Canada

Canada gold buying has never been easier. You can locate the correct 1 oz gold bar or coin for your investment portfolio at various trustworthy dealers in the city.

To get a fair deal, verify the gold price wherever you buy. Check the purity and weight to ensure you’re buying 99.99% pure, 24 carat 1 troy ounce gold. After receiving your gold, secure it in a safe or safety deposit box. You now own a precious physical asset and investment!

Look about, compare prices, and buy from a trusted source. You’ll soon own gold bullion, a stable investment with intrinsic value.

Tips for Investing in 1 Ounce Gold Bullion in Canada
Who Are Well-Known Makers?
  • First, examine the Royal Canadian Mint’s gold bullion. Canada’s national mint sells gold Maple Leaf coins in various sizes, including 1 oz. The complex Maple Leaf design is recognised internationally and made of.9999 fine gold.
  • In 1856, Credit Suisse was created as a banking and financial services company to fund rail system expansion. It offers investors gold and silver bars.
  • Some of the world’s largest sovereign mints rely on Sunshine Minting (SMI) for silver and gold.
  •  Asahi Refining production facilities in the US and Canada. It innovates to be the world’s premier precious metal assayer, refiner, and bullion distributor.
Pick Popular Design
  • Canada’s symbol, the maple leaf, is on Royal Canadian Mint gold bars and coins. This basic but attractive style is popular in the global gold market.
  • As a leading precious metals refiner, Credit Suisse’s gold bars commonly include the Statue of Liberty. This design exudes prestige and recognition.
  • The PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna design.
  • For exceptional occasions, the Royal Canadian Mint makes 1-ounce gold coins. Different designs appear on these coins each year.
  • Royal Canadian Mint has created 1-ounce gold coins featuring Canadian animals.
 Choose Between Bars or Coins

Gold bars often have a lower premium above spot than coins. Collectors prefer gold coins. Canadian Maple Leaf and American Eagle coins are popular. Consider whether you desire gold for investment or coin collecting.

Store in a Secure Location

Secure your 1-ounce gold bars or coins in a home safe, safety deposit box, or storage facility. Tell your insurer about home storage. Protect your valuable gold against harm, theft, and loss.

Consider Future Liquidity

Gold is a good long-term investment, but it may be hard to dispose a lot of 1-ounce bars or coins quickly if you need money. Only invest money you can afford to maintain long-term.4

Research, compare, find a reliable product, safeguard it, and think long-term. Instant Gold Refinery offers competitive 1 oz gold bar and coin prices. We have Maple Leafs, bars, rounds, and coins.

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