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Should You Buy 100 Gram Silver Bars?

A Look at 100g Silver Bars

There are many shapes and sizes of 100-gram silver bars from different mints and refineries. Most people choose a 1.5-inch rectangular bar. There are 3.215 troy ounces in each bar. Some mints make collector bars with designs or patterns that are meant to look nice. The bar always has the mark that it weighs 100 grams and is made of .999 pure silver. Now, a 100-gram silver bar costs around 170 CAD. The value of the bar changes every day with the price of silver. 100-gram bars are a cheap way to get silver bullion. For their low cost, easy availability, and inherent value, 100-gram silver bars are popular among Canadian investors. Silver investors can save money by buying these smaller bars instead of bigger ones.

Prices and Market Trends for Silver

Over the past ten years, the price of silver has gone up and down. Statistics from the past show that the highest price of silver was in 2011. After that, prices started to go down. These days, an ounce of silver costs 40 CAD per ounce. Midway through the year 2024, the Canadian silver market will be exhibiting many domestic and international trends. Silver prices go up when there is more demand than supply. Demand and price are affected by how silver is used in industry. As the economy grows, technology, industry, and other fields need more silver, which keeps the price of silver high. The speculation of silver dealers affects prices. Rising demand for safe assets like silver is caused by predictions of recessions and slower global growth.

Why Buy 100-Gram Silver Bars

There is a lot of potential for a great return on investment (ROI) in silver, and it is very simple to buy and sell in the market. When compared to silver coins, silver bars typically have a lower premium, making them an excellent investment opportunity. When you buy silver in bars instead of coins, you can get more Silver for the same price. Even though silver is less expensive than gold, it is traded often less, which makes it less stable.

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