What are Gold Concentrates?

Gold concentrates are deposits that are in deeper or on the surface of the earth, that have a minimum concentration of gold in the ratio of 20g/t. When the deposits are identified there are different methods to extract it from the ground. There are methods to extract and then separate gold from other elements, chemical leaching, gold panning.

Gold panning is one of the oldest methods to extract gold from the ground. After spotting a gold deposit, the deposits are then scooped up in a pan, the logic being gold is very dense and heavy and it drops down to the bottom of the pan. Once the water is scooped, it is then aggressively agitated so the heavy materials and light materials are separated. Slowly washing away the top layer of the water, and the bottom you are left with gold and other heavy metals. Then it goes through a melting phase to take out impurities.

Chemical leaching is used to extract gold from low-grade gold deposits or ores. The ore or deposits are stored in heaps, columns or vats, after that a solution of cyanide is used to leach out all the gold from the other elements. After extracting gold from the deposit, the gold is separated from the cyanide and we are left with is pure gold. Usually, this process was used by large-scale mining operators, but now a lot of smaller mines have begun to use it. 

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