Soaring Silver: What’s Behind the Spike in Pricing

In recent years, silver has evolved from a not widely known commodity to a key investment with its own set of factors.

Overview of Silver Demand and Supply

Why is the silver market booming, though? Everything boils down to supply and demand. Silver has a special set of attributes that make it important in a variety of fields, from developing technology to industrial and medical applications. On the other hand, there are a limited amount of silver reserves that can be mined.The silver market shortfall supply for the previous year was 48 million ounces.

Prices inevitably increase when demand for silver outpaces supply.Industrial demand for silver climbed by 5%, physical investment increased by 22%, and the prices of jewellery and silverware increased by 29% and 80%, respectively.

Rising Industrial Demand for Silver

The demand for silver is projected to be strong this year as well. A new record level of industrial fabrication should be achieved. One of the main forces behind the growth is the need for renewable energy. Having an annual use of over 100 million ounces, silver is an important component of solar power-producing panels. A further significant driver influencing the world’s shift towards electric automobiles is the demand for silver. The material is employed in the manufacture of EV batteries.

Industrial silver is primarily utilized in electronics for the creation of thick-film pastes, membrane switches, silvered film, electrically heated car windscreens, and multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

Economic and Political Factors Influencing Silver Prices

  • The price of silver may be affected by interest rates. Investors may be more inclined to invest in silver, which is considered a safer asset when interest rates are low. As a result, there may be an increase in demand for silver, which would raise prices.
  •  Increases or decreases in currency exchange rates have an impact on the price of silver as well. Due to investors’ need for safe-haven assets when the value of the dollar declines, silver prices typically increase.
  • Political unpredictability or instability may affect the price of silver. Investors may seek safe-haven investments like silver during periods of political unrest or uncertainty, which can increase the price.
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