Silver Bar Investing for Canadians: Choose the Right Dealer

Online merchants like Instant Gold Refining; Auction sites like eBay; Coin or bullion shops close to you are places to go for buying silver bars. The best course of action in this situation is to get your silver bars from a reliable merchant. Find a dealer with relevant expertise, credentials, and a good reputation by doing some research.

  • Verify online testimonials from sites like Yelp, or Google Reviews. Look for retailers with many positive reviews that highlight reasonable costs, high-quality products, and attentive customer care.
  • Reputable dealers that are well-known both domestically and abroad include Instant Gold Refining and Au Bullion. These reputable businesses have a history of excellent quality, choice, and client happiness.
  • All respectable refiners will first have the right stamping.

Decisions must be made about:

  • Weight: How much silver is in the bar?
  • Purity: the degree of purity of the bar?
  • Refinery: Bar should be imprinted with the manufacturer’s name.
  • Serial Number: The serial number should be imprinted.

Consider Geographic Location and Shipping Fees

Location Matters: Think about where the dealers you’re interested in are located before purchasing silver bars in Canada. Since the bars don’t have to travel as far, local dealers might charge less for delivery.

Compare Shipping Rates: Don’t assume that shipping costs vary among sellers. To find out which dealer is offering the greatest bargain, compare the prices listed on their websites. On all orders, certain retailers provide free standard shipping to Canada.

Additional Charges: Check to see if the dealers impose any other fees aside from shipping costs, such as handling, packaging, or insurance charges. Even though they are frequently insignificant, these extra costs might raise the overall price of your transaction. For security, some merchants package silver bars in plastic wrap and ship them in covert boxes; this may incur a small shipping surcharge.

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