Recycling Dental Gold and Silver

The properties of gold are very sought after throughout the world, even in the world of dental science. Dental gold is not exactly Pure gold as gold is too soft for application in the mouth, because it may get deformed and lose shape. Instead of pure gold, an alloy of gold is used that retains the properties of gold and provides strength and rigidity at the same time. Gold does not oxidize, is corrosive resistant, and is durable when mixed with metals from the noble family. There are 3 types of gold dental alloys-

  • Precious metal- it contains a combination of Noble metals around 60% and at least 40% gold.
  • Semi-precious metal- contains near about 25% of precious metals and gold at least.
  • Non-noble alloy- blend of various metals with less than 25% precious metals. 

These metals come in contact with different types of food and liquids and contrast in the PH levels. Oral acids, bacteria, and the combination of food over time can cause corrosion of the metal over time, this is where noble metals and gold comes into play. Gold has a similar softness as enamel so it does not grind teeth and it is flexible enough not to crack or chip under pressure. 

At Instant Gold refining, we offer to buy your dental scrap at super competitive rates. Call us today to book an appointment to bring in your metals. Once we’ve conducted our pre-melt inspection, we’ll fire up the furnaces and begin the melt. Once your scrap has been melted into a bar and the impurities have been burned away, we’ll use our state-of-the-art XRF assay technology to accurately value your metals. Based on the value of your metals, you can choose to either be paid via bank wire transfer, check, or swap your metals for pure bullion products. At Instant Gold, we deal with all types of your refining needs from Placer gold, scrap gold, and bench-filings. Please feel free to contact our team for any questions or queries you may have.

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