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The 2022 1 oz Silver Korean Tiger Coin is a bullion coin minted by the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (Komsco). The Korean Tiger coin is part of the South Korean series of Tiger coins, which depict the nation’s cultural heritage and symbols of prosperity. The coin is struck in one ounce of 999 fine silver and has a nominal face value of 500 Korean won.

The reverse side of the coin features an image of a Korean tiger in a dynamic, stylized depiction. The tiger is depicted in a fierce, leaping pose and is surrounded by Korean characters for the “Republic of Korea.” The design symbolizes good fortune and prosperity in Korean culture.

The obverse side of the coin features the national emblem of South Korea, which depicts a stylized tiger and a blacksmith’s hammer, surrounded by versions of the rice plant, the symbol of balance and harmony in Korean culture.

The 2022 1 oz Silver Korean Tiger Coin is a popular choice among collectors and investors and has a limited mintage of 50,000 coins. The coin is backed by the South Korean government for its weight and purity and comes in a protective plastic capsule. The coin is a unique and visually stunning addition to any collection, and it is sure to be prized by anyone who appreciates the beauty and cultural significance of South Korean coins. The 2022 1 oz Silver Korean Tiger Coin is an excellent example of the high-quality product produced by Komsco, and it is sure to be a valuable and prized possession for years to come.

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