1 oz Silver Maple Monster Box (2024) (Uncirculated & Sealed) (500 Pcs)

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IGR Buys: $18,363.08 cad


About 2024 1 Oz Silver Maple Coin Monster Box

If you’re looking for large quantities of low denomination silver in one purchase, look no further than the 1 oz Silver Maple Monster Box made by the Royal Canadian Mint. These monster boxes include 500 pieces of the iconic and reputable 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin that has been made by the Royal Canadian Mint for decades. These coins are made of 9999 Silver and are encased in tubes of 25. With 20 tubes of beautiful and reputable Silver, you’re sure to be making the one of the best investments in your portfolio.

The front of each coin includes the iconic Maple Leaf design we all love and trust. The words CANADA, FINE SILVER/ARGENT PUR, 1 oz, and 9999 are also included on the front of the coin along with the security feature that is called Bullion DNA preventing counterfeiting. The reverse of the coin includes a profile of King Charles. The coin holds a face value of 5 dollars CAD and the year 2023 is also on the coin.

Highlights and Specifications of the 2024 1 oz Silver Maple Coin Monster Box:

  • 500 pieces in each box
  • 1 Troy Ounce of Fine 9999 Silver in each coin
  • Uncirculated condition
  • Face value of $5 CAD
  • Legal Canadian Tender
  • Widely recognized Maple Leaf Design
  • First Year that King Charles is on the coin
  • Coin Thickness: 3.29 mm
  • Coin Diameter: 38 mm
  • Mint/Brand: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Face value: $5
  • Packaging Type: 20 Tubes of 25 coins enclosed in a sealed Monster Box

Instant Gold Refining is authorized by the Royal Canadian Mint as Authorized Bullion DNA Dealers meaning you’re guaranteed to get AUTHENTIC and BEAUTIFUL bullion whenever you deal with us. Contact us today for more information on what bullion products we have in stock and what would best fit your needs.

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