1/2 oz Gold Maple Coin

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About 1/2 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Maple Coin 

½ oz Gold Maple Leaf Coin was first introduced in 1986, this expanded the product line for Royal Canadian Mint and was part of their expansion project. It has all the features of the 1 oz Maple Gold Leaf Coin, just in a smaller package. From the image of the sugar maple leaf and the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. A different iteration of Queen Elizabeth II has been portrayed on the coin as she grew over the years. The ¼ oz and 1/10oz were also introduced first in 1982 as part of the expansion of the coin program 

The biggest advantage of 1/2 Oz Gold Maple coin is it gives you the flexibility of not blocking your equity for a large amount. It has all the features of the Maple gold Leaf Coin, from the design and purity that you can trust without a second thought. You can easily cash it out and its small denomination plays a vital factor in its liquidity. One might have an urgent need for cash but does not want to break their entire investment, this is where the ease of having a small denomination can help. It provides flexibility and ease of mind that the money is not tied up in large sums in a large product

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