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Buy Gold Coins from Instant Gold Refining 

Throughout history Gold has been seen as a symbol of wealth and a valuable asset. It has been circulated throughout centuries and has always been revered to as a safe-haven asset. We have seen Gold’s role as a reliable asset in action over the last 20 years. During times of economic crisis, global pandemics, turbulent world affairs, Gold has always outperformed other asset classes.

Investing in Gold for the Long Term 

Traders flock to Gold when other assets are not performing well, however, long term investors on the other hand recognize Gold as a great place to store their wealth to combat against inflation. Those who invested in Gold prior to recessionary periods or the pandemic have reaped the benefits of prices soaring to new highs. Moreover, with inflation and the global economy being where it currently is, it is safe to say that Gold is still a strong viable option for investors. 

Why Buy Gold Coins in Canada 

Gold coins are a special piece in the world of precious metals. This is because they are minted by government mints, giving them a face value and recognition in the country of production. One of the most recognized Gold coins in the world are the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins. These coins are available in various sizes ranging from 1/20th of an ounce all the way up to 1 troy ounce. Other great Gold coins that are widely recognized around the world include the Gold Britannia and Gold American Eagle. Gold coins have a different appeal to investors and also collectors. Many reasons include their real world usability (even though they are worth more than their face value), rarity, and also historical significance.

Buy Gold Coins in Bulk

Purchasing Gold coins in bulk from Instant Gold Refining can reap a lot of benefits for you! For starters, when you buy Gold in bulk you get to take advantage of having to pay lower premiums. If you are an investor this will allow you to increase your return on investment when you go to sell your bullion to take profits. If you are a Pawn Shop, Jewellery Store, or Bullion Dealer, buying Gold Coins in bulk would be a suitable option for you as it would allow you to keep some margins when you are reselling. Moreover, Instant Gold Refining carries a wide variety of Gold coins from various sizes for you to choose from, allowing you to have a diverse selection of bullion to purchase! 

Whether you are buying Gold coins to invest, or for resale purposes, Instant Gold Refining your one stop shop in Canada to fill all your needs. We have a great selection of bullion for you to choose from and offer convenient payment methods. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team or visit us directly in Surrey, BC. 

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