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With its distinctive laugh and endearing personality, the kookaburra is one of Australia’s most adored and iconic creatures. The Kookaburra coin series from the Perth Mint honors this fascinating animal and features gorgeous designs and excellent minting, making it a favorite among collectors worldwide.

The Perth Mint’s 1 kilogram Kookaburra coin, which contains a whopping 1,000 grams of pure silver with a fineness of 99.99%, is the series’ flagship item. The coin’s diameter is 100.6 mm and it has a stunningly detailed image of a kookaburra perched on a branch of a tree with minute details in its feathers and tree bark.

Along with the weight, purity, and year of issue, the reverse of the coin also bears the recognizable Perth Mint mark. The face value of the coin and the words “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA” are displayed on the coin’s obverse, which also features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The 1 kilo Kookaburra coin combines the intrinsic value of silver with the beauty and artistry of a collectible coin, making it a must-have for serious silver investors and collectors. This coin is a rare and highly desired addition to any collection due to its restricted mintage.

The 1 kilo Kookaburra coin from the Perth Mint is a top choice due to its exceptional quality, design, and value whether you’re an experienced collector or a novice investor in precious metals.

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