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Maximize Your Gold Profits – Sell to the #1 Payer in the Nation

Gold Sell to Highest Buyer

Why compromise when you can increase gold value? Real gold market value, not melt value %, determines the fair price.
Gold selling should be rapid, safe, and private. Easy to sell from home by mail or in person. From inception to completion, gold should be secure.
Gold dealer A+ BBB rating reflects honesty, ethics, and customer satisfaction. Selling to Instant Gold Refining is like selling to a trusted partner who will offer the best deal and experience.

Gold Prices: Higher Guaranteed

You’ve assessed your gold’s value. Why settle for less than the full payout? Gold Buyers Canada guarantees higher gold prices than rivals.
Spot prices affect gold prices every day. Trusted buyers pay the current gold spot price to ensure fair value for your gold. Fixed-pay companies underpay.
Trusted buyers like Instant Gold Refining buy 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K gold, gold bars, coins, jewellery, nuggets, etc. Every item, from earrings to collections, is evaluated for the best pricing.

Instant Payment

Accepting the IGR offer earns you an instant payout. Customer satisfaction and payment are guaranteed.

How to enhance gold value

After discovering a few high-paying options, get quotes for your goods. Detail each piece’s carat, weight, and condition for an accurate quote. Free shipping and insurance allow you to securely send in your gold for an in-person evaluation and final offer from certain buyers.

Verify gold using hallmarks and receipts. The offer will rise with more gold history and authenticity. Private buyers may pay more for rare, ancient, or branded gold.

Do not hurry gold sales. Research, get many estimates, then pick a reliable buyer to accurately value your gold and make a reasonable offer. Selling gold may be fast, but selecting the best deal can maximize earnings. Gold prices are rising, so waiting for the highest bidder might save you hundreds or thousands.

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