How Ultra-Pure gold is made?

The first of two processes to create ultra-pure gold was invented by Francis Bowyer Miller in 1867, called the Miller process. In the Miller process, chlorine gas is blown through the deposits. Only gold does not react to the chlorine gas, all other metals react and become chlorides and then become low-density slag on the molten gold.  The result of this process is 99.5%.

The second of the two processes was invented in Germany in 1874 by Emil Wohlwill, called the Wohlwill process. This process produces a result of 99.999% but is very complex and expensive. There are three components used in the process, the anode, the cathode, and the electrolyte. All the components contain gold in various purity, from 95% to 24k. the anode is through which the electricity will pass through. The cathode is pressed 24k sheet. An aqua regia is made by dissolving gold in a powerful acid (chloroauric acid), which is the electrolyte. When all of the components are set up properly, the electricity is applied through the anode and into the cathode. The impure anode dissipates and ions travel the aqua regia after this the gold attaches to the 24k gold cathode. The impure anode dissolves and the ultra-pure gold is attached to the cathode. The process is used on an industrial scale because it produces the highest-purity results. This process requires a large amount of gold for both the anode and the cathode as well as for the chloroauric acid. 

Both processes have their own unique qualities. The Miller process is simpler and cheaper and it does not require a vast amount of gold to start the refining process. Throughout the world, 99.5% gold is considered pure gold. An example being India, as gold is sold at a purity of 99.5% while still being considered pure. This process is mostly used on a smaller scale with this gold being used in the Jewelry industry.

The Wohlwill process is used in refineries that have an industrial scale process like the Royal Canadian Mint. The complex nature of the Wolhill process requires a very large amount of gold to convert to a pure form. There is absolutely no room for error in setting up the equipment. The gold produced from this process is used to create bullion and coins as it yields the highest purity possible.

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