Exploring the Legacy of Charles III – Coins & Coronation

Coronation Day is a major historical day since it is the most important royal event. The recently revealed face of King Charles III will now appear on future mint runs of paper currency, circulation coins, and bullion coins, such as the legendary Royal Mint Britannia coins. The Royal Mint of England performed an outstanding job on the new portrait, and the newest 2023 Charles III Britannia gold and silver coins are just gorgeous.

A Look at the Coins During His Reign


The official King Charles III FREE coin has been released, according to the London Mint Office, for the historic event. The best news is that the £2.50 shipping price was all you had to pay. It gives clients, collectors, or royal admirers the chance to take part in an event that will be lovingly remembered for all time.


The Royal Canadian Mint announces gold and silver coins marking His Majesty King Charles III’s coronation. Each coin of the King Charles III Coronation Suite has His Majesty’s royal cipher, the Sovereign’s unique monogram, as its central design in 99.99% pure gold and silver. On the reverse, His Majesty’s Royal Cypher includes his regnal number (“III”) and the initials “C” and “R,” which stand for “Charles” and “Rex,” respectively (the Latin word for “King”).

limited-edition proof silver dollar, costing $69.95 CAD.

  • A $5 fine silver coin costs $34.95 CAD at retail.
  • A $10 pure gold coin sells for $289.95 CAD.
  • A $200 pure gold coin, the rarest piece, valued at $4,199.95 CAD.

As of right now, customers in Canada can place direct orders for these goods by calling the Royal Canadian Mint at 1-800-267-1871.


To mark this historic occasion, New Zealand issued a 2-ounce gold-proof coin with a gold content of 0.9999, which was made by Wellington-based Fuller Design. On the obverse of every coin in this series is a picture of the king.

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