Deciding Between Maples, Philharmonics, Kangaroos and Britannia: Which Silver Coin Is Best?

Background on Popular Government Silver Coins

Major governments provide various great silver bullion coins. The Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Australian Kangaroo, and British Britannia are popular.

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: One of the most famous silver coins is the 1988 Silver Maple Leaf. Its reverse maple leaf pattern and .9999 silver purity make it beautiful. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II. The Maple Leaf is a tradeable investment.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic: The 1 troy ounce.999 pure silver Philharmonic coin from Austria is also popular. Released in 2008, it features the Vienna Philharmonic Hall on the back and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on the front. Philharmonic is liquid like Maple Leaf.

The Australian Silver Kangaroo: One of the cheapest government-issued silver bullion coins is the Australian Silver Kangaroo. The 1 troy ounce of.9995 pure silver coin features a kangaroo and Queen Elizabeth II. The 1993 Kangaroo is getting more popular.

The British Silver Britannia: British 1 troy ounce.9999 fine Silver Britannia, issued in 1997, is iconic. The reverse shows Britannia, a feminine representation of Britain, and the front is Queen Elizabeth II. Beautiful and pure silver, the Britannia is admired.

Comparing Design, Purity and Minting of Maples, Philharmonics, Kangaroos and Britannia

Purity: The purity of silver in Maples, Philharmonics, Kangaroos, and Britannia is 99.99%, hence purity does not differentiate them. Maples, Philharmonics, and Kangaroos are equally pure.

Design: The Maple Leaf has one maple leaf, the Philharmonic has musical instruments, the Kangaroo has Australia’s coat of arms, and the Britannia displays the goddess. A collector may like a design. Design matters less to investors than silver.

Minting: Canadian, Austrian, Perth and Royal Mints make Maples, Philharmonics, Kangaroos, and Britannia. All four mints create high-quality coins, but customers may choose based on reputation and manufacturing standards.

 Which Silver Coin Is Best for You? Factors to Consider
  • Since it affects your payment, the premium above spot pricing is crucial. Silver Maple Leaf and Silver Britannia have the lowest premiums, whereas Silver Philharmonic and Silver Kangaroo cost more. The Maple Leaf or Britannia may be better for acquiring the most silver for your money.
  • The coin’s design and place of origin may also affect your choice. The Royal Canadian Mint makes the Maple Leaf, the Austrian Mint the Philharmonic, the UK Mint the Britannia, and the Perth Mint the Kangaroo. Each has distinct designs with national icons. Choose a coin from a noteworthy nation or culture.

As an investor and collector, picking a silver bullion coin based on your priorities—low premiums, high purity, design uniqueness, or national pride—is the most important. Assessing your motives and interests will help you choose.

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