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The Interwoven Fabric of Canada’s Jewellery and Precious Metals Industries

How Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Thrives in Canada Due to a mutually beneficial relationship with the refinement of precious metals, Canada’s jewellery sector has flourished for many years. Canada is home to the majority of the largest mining firms in…

The Truth About Transparency in Canadian Precious Metals Refining

The Need for Transparency in Precious Metals Refining and Sales A greater level of openness is needed in the gold market. You have a right as a consumer to understand the origins and refinement processes of the gold you purchase.…

Refining Business, Refining Purpose: Where Precious Metals and Corporate Social Responsibility Meet

How Precious Metals Refiners Can Build a CSR Program Developing a good corporate social responsibility (CSR) program ought to be a top concern for a precious metal refiner. CSR programs promote employee morale and loyalty to clients in addition to…