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What’s Fuelling the Rise (Or Fall) of the Gold Market

Economic Factors Affect Gold Prices Gold prices are highly influenced by the economy. Gold rises in uncertain times. Fears of inflation boost gold prices. Dollar buying power decreases with high inflation. Gold keeps value better, so investors purchase more. Interest…

Treasures of the North: Rare Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

The History and Heritage Behind the Royal Canadian Mint The Royal Canadian Mint has a lengthy history of printing Canadian coinage. The Mint began striking gold sovereigns and silver dollars in 1908. The company has grown to make some of…

The Stories Behind Canada’s Most Iconic Coins

Nova Scotia’s Famous Racing Ship: Bluenose Canada’s dime portrays the iconic Bluenose schooner. In the 1920s and 1930s, Nova Scotian shipbuilders and sailors won the International Fisherman’s Trophy using this racing ship. Bluenose was a 1921 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia fast-fishing…